Introducing: Lauren Madrid, long-time guest at Raw Hair Studio

Lauren became a loyal Raw client after meeting Anna, the owner of Raw Hair Studio, at a Yelp! event a few years ago. “Anna complimented my hair and told me the things she could do to make the style even better,” she said. “She gave me her card, I made an appointment, and I have been going to her ever since!”


A graduate of Trinity University and Rackspace employee, Lauren is originally from Dallas but has lived in San Antonio for about 14 years. “My hair is very important to me and I have to feel comfortable with my stylist so they can cut my hair to fit my life,” she said. “I’m all about building a relationship with my hair stylist. With Anna, I can tell her how I want to feel about my hair and she just gets it.”


Lauren’s hair is a short style, so she comes to Raw every five weeks for a cut. She’s also had color in the past, even dying her hair purple once. “I was feeling sassy and in need of a change,” she said. “We started with red and then went to purple. It was so fun to do and fun to see other people excited about it.”


Raw Hair Studio is all about making clients happy, from listening and understanding each client’s hair goals to pampering and providing a relaxing environment for each service offered. Every visit to Raw starts with a stylist consultation followed by a scalp massage. In addition to the personal haircut she receives, Lauren said she enjoys the relationship she’s built with her stylist. “While Anna cuts, we usually talk through how the haircut has been, how I’ve been styling it, and anything else hair related,” she said. “And then we just talk about life. A few years ago, I even invited her to my birthday party.”


While Lauren is a dedicated client of Anna’s, she enjoys feeling welcomed by the entire staff at Raw. “I’ve been to stylists at other studios before and the stylist knows the client, but not always everyone else who works at the studio,” Lauren said. “I like that I know everyone who works there.”


Lauren has experienced many changes in her life since first becoming a client at Raw. From changing jobs to becoming a mom, Anna and the other stylists at Raw have been there for it all. “I have really thick hair and I don’t always have a lot of time to style it these days, and Anna has been great about working my hair to fit my lifestyle,” she said. “I really trust everyone who works at Raw.”


Lauren also supports small businesses in the community, Raw being one of them. “I care about small businesses and really want to see them succeed,” she said. “I do anything I can to help Raw. If anyone’s on the fence about visiting the salon, I tell them to just look at my hair. Anna listens to me and really cares about what I have to say. To me, that’s key.”


To experience Raw for yourself, just call 210.545.0729 for an appointment. We offer FREE Raw Signature Blowouts every day and it’s a great way for us to introduce you to the salon.

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